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Welcome to Weiner Associates

Weiner Associates provides consulting services to product manufacturers on laser safety regulations. Bob Weiner is an active member of the IEC TC-76 committee that is responsible for international laser safety standards, and he leads the U.S. delegation to the yearly meetings of that committee. He is also an active member of the ANSI Committee for the Safe Use of Lasers and the laser safety committee of the Laser Institute of America, and he has chaired sessions and participated in expert panels at the International Laser Safety Conferences. He has earned ME, EE, and MBA degrees and is a registered professional engineer.

Since 1976 Bob has assisted more than 700 laser product manufacturers with U.S., international, and European laser safety requirements. Products have varied from diode lasers and laser pointers to large materials processing systems, from consumer products to medical instruments, from semiconductor fab/test equipment to bar code readers, and from fiber optic communications equipment to laser projectors.

Please contact Bob Weiner for additional information or for a quotation on consulting services.